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May. 31st, 2011


Tips for Bedroom Ceiling Color

Tips for Bedroom Ceiling Color

The bedroom ceiling design and color combination make your good impression on the guests and others also. You can choose soft color and a lighter version of wall color to make a pleasant appearance.

You can select a color trends that your inner desire expresses for bedroom ceiling because it is watched more than the other ceiling. You can choose medium to dark browns shades because these shades nurture and satisfy our spirit.  You can use beiges, browns and tans because they reflect the color of rock, stone and soil.

Tips for Bedroom color

You can choose lighter color than wall color to make bedrooms with low ceiling harmonious and spacious. And can choose dark shade to make rooms with high ceiling look appealing.
  • Opt for a ceiling color that is in contrast with wall color like combination of light pink and mauve color for different look.
  • Add a subtle shade of wall color to your bedroom ceiling to give room a soft and serene atmosphere.
  • Use ceiling as a place for visual expression; create an overhead view of pleasant blue sky or pattern your ceiling with colors and shapes that match up with the décor of the room for dynamic look.
  • Make a choice for superb ceiling light r even a crystal chandelier that will add a patterned effect to the ceiling.
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May. 23rd, 2011


Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting:

Bathroom lighting is one of the best ways to remodel your bathroom. There is multiple types of styles and designs of lights are available in the market. You can choose as your taste and matching with your home interiors.

There are various types of lights here which can modify your bathroom style.
  • Natural bathroom lighting
  • Accent bathroom lighting
  • Ambient bathroom lighting
  • Task bathroom lighting
  • Decorative bathroom lighting
  • Natural bathroom lighting:
It is the good option for bathroom decoration. You can apply the fusion of natural and non natural light resources or u can use artificial resources also to enlighten your bathroom. You can use mirror also which can reproduces light and gives the feeling of much larger space.

Accent bathroom lighting:

It provides the facility of deepness to the bathroom. You can use painting as well as tiles here. Also it draws your attention to a specific aspect in the room and formulates an energetic room.

Ambient bathroom lighting:

it is a admirable light solution. Mainly it depends upon the size of the bathroom create a soft shine in order to make boundary of the room.

Task bathroom lighting:

the main feature of task bathroom lighting is to develop clarity and to provide shadow-free beam for individual spruce. Mainly its focus is on the object rather than the surrounding areas. You can use lights with the mirror so that it can reflect the light for larger space.

Decorative bathroom lighting:

This bathroom lighting is formed due to execution of dazzling equipments commencing from the ceilings.

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May. 18th, 2011


Dining Room Ceiling

Dining Room Ceiling

Ceiling design of dining room can change the look of your room. A white ceiling can make your style dull. The color of your room and ceiling design are the features of your room. Tray ceiling, ceiling domes, textured ceiling and ceiling medallions with moldings etc are available in the market you can choose one of the best as your requirements.

Tray ceiling with medallions:

It is the best idea to use the design features in the ideal space of room ceiling. Moldings and ceiling medallions are best choice to make your room look classy. These are available in flexible materials and can be custom bend to fit your ceiling design. You can hire POP experts to make design in your room.

POP Ceiling in dining room:

Simple white ceiling and painted with colors make a difference. The ceiling painted with a dark color and molding painted with white color will make your ceiling alive.

Coffered style ceiling and chandelier:

It is a architectural design that looks like coffered ceiling.  Green color in blocks and white color for border makes it different.

Wood planks ceiling:

Wood ceiling gives the classic look to your room. Wood planks and wood beams ceiling in room provide warmth to interior of room.

Dome ceiling in dining area:

It provides the classic look to your room. Lighting effects in ceiling dome with chandelier or a round table with ceiling dome will make your room unique.

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May. 14th, 2011


Safety Tips For Stairs

Safety Tips for Stairs

Safety is the first concern for everyone. When we are at home, there may be accidents while going up or down the stairs. It can be cause a serious injury in case of carelessness. We can avoid these with the use of some tips.

  • Make proper arrangement of lights around the stairs. We can use the light switch on the top or even at the bottom of stairs.
  • Stairs should be in good condition. These should not be slippery.
  • The steps should be of same size.
  • These should be clutter-free.
  • There should be gate at the top or at the bottom of stairs for safety reasons.
  • You can use handrails while moving up and down the stairs.
  • Avoid placing rugs or carpets near stairs.
  • You can use wireless alarm on stairs.

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May. 13th, 2011


White Marble

White Marble

The alteration or the transformation of sedimentary carbonate rocks makes the pure white marble. The word “marble” is derived from the Greek word meaning “marmaros” or shining stone. White marble enjoys a high regard among Greeks and Romans and for centuries have been used in both sculptures and construction purposes.  These days it becomes more popular materials for kitchen countertops, sink tops, floor and wall tiles.

Types of white marble:

  1. Thasos Bianca Laza: It is the best type of white marble.
  2. Pighes white: It has been used for thousands of years from pighes a village found in Greece. It is popular as a highest quality of white marble.
  3. Carrara marble: it is more expensive type of marble.
  4. White of volakas:It is used in Falako Mountain.
  5. Royal white or Beijin white:it is originates from china.
  6. White Rhino:it is found in Namibia, a province of Habis.
There are many reasons why white marble is more used in sculpture and construction. This color is relatively soft and easy to work with because of its refined and polished texture. Marble is durable as compare to others when marble ages it becomes harder. It has clarity and clean look. It can easily work with other colors.

It can be found almost everywhere in the world.  But there are many types of marble available in the market and with different colors.  Ceramic tiles, brick and concrete can be an alternative to marble. Other material such as plastic, aluminum, glass and steel are substitutes for marble in construction.

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May. 9th, 2011


contemporary style

Contemporary Style

You can choose contemporary decorating style if you like to keep current with styles. It is simple, clean and offers an uncluttered look. You can enjoy the things that are modern. You can install the specific things like paintings, pictures.

Contemporary Style Bedroom

Bedroom decoration can reflect your taste. It may be contemporary style and traditional style. You can use dark color woods, glass and contemporary sofas in contemporary style bedroom. You can use contemporary furniture to show symmetrical arrangements of their design designs and patterns. You can use paintings, clock, books and lamps etc to give the classy look to your bedroom.

Contemporary living room

Living room is the place where you welcome the guest. You can use contemporary style so that you can enjoy comfort, elegance and innovations of their living room. You can use low level sofa and table with glass, TV stands, colorful cushions and stools etc to give the good look to your living room. Floor lamp and track lighting are mostly used in contemporary style.

Contemporary style kitchen

You can use luxury gloss, wood finish and high tech appliances like pull-out drawers to give contemporary look to your kitchen. It provides clutter free space in your kitchen. You can use flat and
Handle free doors. You can use cabinets from floor to ceiling which can give the clutter free space.

Contemporary Style Dining Room

You can give cozy look to your dining room with contemporary style. You can use contemporary wood and metal chairs having contemporary fabrics such as leather, cotton or velvet. You can use china cabinet which can make your dining room good. It should be simple, in straight lines and in trend.

Contemporary Style Bathroom

You can use latest accessories and fixtures to give your bathroom contemporary look. You can use glass, ceramic stainless materials in your contemporary bathroom. There are different type of washbasins are also available. Color of bathroom accessories should be matched with other fixtures. 

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May. 5th, 2011


Bedroom Flooring


The flooring of bedroom should be comfortable, easy to clean, anti-slippery and give classy look to the room. The choice of flooring depends on the location and climate of house. There are many types of bedroom flooring are available in the market:

Bedroom Flooring

Marble flooring: Marble flooring gives classy look to your bedroom. It is available in different colors in the market .It is long lasting, easy to clean and scratch resistant.

Vinyl flooring: The main advantage of vinyl flooring is that it can be installed on old flooring. It is budget friendly, water resistant and provide a soft feel to feet.

Laminate flooring: laminate flooring is installed only on leveled floor and wants proper maintenance. These are available in different colors, styles and shapes in the market.

Wooden flooring: Wooden flooring look natural and versatile but it needs to be protected from water. This flooring is comfortable, durable and provides warm look and calm atmosphere in the bedroom.

Bamboo flooring: Bamboo flooring is choosing in those areas where temperature is extremely hot or cold. These qualities are durable comfortable and superior. These are available in two colors only natural blonde and amber.

Cork flooring: Cork flooring is light in weight so it is easy to install .The features of cork flooring are durable, anti-slippery and hassle free. They come in different type like planks or tiles and have 5-10 years life.

  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Strain resistant
  • Anti-slippery
  • Sound proof
  • Scratch resistant
  • Budget friendly
  • Needs regular maintenance

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May. 2nd, 2011


How to Organize Your Living Room Furniture


Living room is the place where guest can be welcome. Living room interior reflects your personality and your taste also. It’s a comfortable place to sit with family members and friends.

How to Organize Your Living Room Furniture

Tips for organizing your living room:
  • Plan the arrangement on paper first.
  • Choose the furniture according to your living room size.
  • Choose a large object for the focal point.
  • Keep some distance between your coffee table and the sofa.
  • Choose lighter and neutral shades for wall.
  • Paint the lampshades with same color of your room.
  • Choose inexpensive rug instead of expensive carpet.
  • Always maintain the distance between the TV and their seat.
  • Eliminate the unnecessary items from the room.
You should choose the color of your furniture according to the color of your walls. You may put sofa, arm chair and tables for a small room and for large room you can add coffee table, stylish chairs and a large sofa. Always choose large object like sofa as a focal point and put the other furniture to highlighting the focal point. You can also choose the bamboo and cane made furniture for a different style.

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Steam Bath For Your Dream Home


Steam bath is the best option for maintain fitness and helps in losing weight. Mostly people are installing or adding up it to bathrooms. You can install a new steam bath system into new construction or in an existing room. You have three choices for installation of a steam bath:-You can buy and install modular steam cabinet, purchase portable steam bath or build your own steam room.

Steam Bath For your Dream Home

Modular stream bath:
Modular steam bath units are available in different size, shapes and designs. You can choose the size of steam bath unit according to the size and features of cabinet.

Extra Features of steam bath unit:
  • Lighting
  • Built-in seating
  • Foot massager
  • Bath tub
  • CD player
Portable steam bath:
Portable steam bath is the good option for small apartments. It is available in different size shapes and designs also. It can be easily placed in bathroom because its size is very small, set up is easier than other and it is cheaper than others.

Advantages of steam bath:
  • It can help you to loss weight and look smart.
  • It increases radiance on your skin as it opens pores found in skin and cleaning of your skin.

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Apr. 30th, 2011


Canvas Wall Art


Canvas wall art is very popular in modern time period. Every one wants that their house is looking different and unique. Now days every one can have artist sense and for wall art paint, brushes and books related to art guidelines are available in market.

Canvas Wall Art

For canvas wall art you should choose the theme first. Then you should select color, pattern and line direction of the items in your room. The color and theme is always related to your surrounding objects. The right contrasting between wall colors and color of the surrounding item is difficult but it can be possible by more knowledge.

You can always shift your concern to material only after deciding about the colors and theme. Always start wall art sketching with pencil or use light paints for outlining.

If you are in doubt about your drawing or painting, you can find the wall artist. You may also choose the best wall artist on internet. There are many talented and skilled painters who can offer a wall painting in reasonable price. If you not appoint any person then if you know any person who have interest in wall painting then you can told to that person.

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